Magical Slippers – Best Story For Kids In English – Bedtime Stories for Kids

Best Story For Kids In English – Bedtime Stories for Kids

Magical Slippers :

It was a bright Sunday morning. ChaCha had decorated cupcakes for all his friends. The cupcake with the candy hearts is for ChuChu. The cupcake with the sugar flowers is for Chiku. The ones with the rainbow sprinkles are for Chika and Baby Taku. And the ones with the chocolate buttons are for Cussly and me. Just then Cussly came into the kitchen. He saw the cupcakes and grew very greedy. Mmmm, cupcakes! My favorite! I’m going to eat them all. Huh? No, Cussly, no! Not all! Just one! ChaCha tried to stop Cussly. But Cussly grabbed all the cupcakes. He wanted to eat them all. Uhhh! just then ChuChu came into the kitchen. She saw Cussly being greedy. Cussly, please stop being so greedy. Or you’ll get yourself into trouble Just like Sammy’s neighbor Bobby did, when he took Sammy’s magical slippers. Huh? Sammy? Bobby? Magical slippers? Please tell us what happened, ChuChu. Yes, ChuChu. And so ChuChu began to tell Cussly and ChaCha the story. Long ago, there lived a poor boy named Sammy.

He lived with his mother who was very ill. Sammy had to take care of her all by himself. Sammy also had to work very hard. He needed money to buy food and medicine for his mother. Sammy used to do work for others and earned very little money. But near his house lived his neighbor Bobby. Bobby would give work to Sammy but would cheat him one way or another and never pay Sammy what he earned. Sammy, why don’t you paint the outside of my house? I will pay you for that… Why yes, Mr. Bobby! I will do it immediately! Sir! I Have completed the work. Hmmmm… Oh Bobby, this looks very bad! Now I have to repaint it! Oh my gosh, what have you done?? Oh! I’m sorry Bobby! Okay, leave it. I will repaint it and I will forgive you this time, but don’t repeat it again! Oh, okay sir… Mister, can I chop some wood for you? Can I clean your house? One day, Sammy went to the forest to chop wood. Sammy was working very hard when suddenly, he spotted a small bird.

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It was crying for help as a big bird was attacking it. Oh no, I should help this little bird. Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Go away! Sammy scared the big bird away. He then helped the little bird get back on its feet. Drink this, little one. It will help you feel better. Sammy waited with the bird until it felt better. Good, birdie. Suddenly, a wizard peeped out from behind a tree and smiled at Sammy. Hello! That’s my pet bird. I just saw how you helped him. I want to thank you by giving you these magical slippers. The wizard then gave Sammy a pair of slippers. Huh? Magical slippers? Yes! These slippers are magical. They can help you grow rich. If you wear them and jump once every week. they’ll give you a gold coin. Huh? A gold coin? Yes! But remember. You must only wear the slippers and jump once a week. Because each time you jump, you will grow a bit smaller.

And you will only grow back to normal after a week… So jump only once a week! Understand? Huh? Just once a week? Okay, I’ll remember that. Thank you! As soon as Sammy reached home, he put on the slippers and jumped, just once. Jump! Just as the wizard had said, when Sammy jumped a shining gold coin appeared. Ah Ha, a gold coin! Sammy took the gold coin and used it to buy food and medicine for his mother. He also shared some of the food he bought with other poor and hungry friends. Friends, please eat this. Little did Sammy know that his greedy neighbor Bobby was watching. Sammy has suddenly grown very rich. I must find out how. So Bobby kept a close eye on Sammy. The next week, Sammy wore the magical slippers and jumped once again. Jump! And once again, a gold coin appeared. Hooray! I have another gold coin. All thanks to these magical slippers. Bobby had been hiding and watching Sammy.

So, Sammy has magical slippers huh? They give him a gold coin whenever he jumps. Hmm! I must take those slippers. And get some gold coins for myself. Bobby understood that he had to jump to get gold coins from the magical slippers, but he didn’t know that each jump would make him grow a little smaller. That night, when Sammy and his mother were sleeping, Bobby snuck into his house. I will take these slippers with me. And jump until I have enough gold coins to fill my house. As Bobby took the slippers and started to run away, Sammy woke up and saw him. Sammy knew what Bobby was up to and tried to warn him Hey! Bobby, listen to me! You shouldn’t jump more than once a week with those slippers! Let me explain to you why! But Bobby thought that Sammy was shouting at him to give back the slippers, so he quickly closed the front door of Sammy’s house and ran away. Bobby put the slippers on and jumped. Jump! Ha ha! I have a gold coin. But Bobby was very greedy.

He wanted more gold coins. And so he jumped again. And again! And again! Ha haha! Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump! Wow! Now the coins are getting bigger. Greedy Bobby. He went on jumping. He had no idea that he was growing smaller with each jump. Soon Bobby was as small as an ant. Jump! Another gold coin appeared and fell on Bobby’s head. Ow! Bobby screamed but, sadly, he had turned so small that no one could hear or see him. Except for a kitty cat that is, who was looking for a snack. Huh? Huh? Huh? Noooooo! Bobby ran as the cat chased him away. When Sammy came looking for him, he saw a pile of gold coins but no trace of Bobby. He was so sad and said… Oh Bobby! If only you had listened to me! And that’s how Sammy’s neighbor Bobby got into trouble for being greedy. And if you are greedy, you might get into trouble too and end up with a tummy ache. I don’t want to be greedy! Please take these cupcakes, ChaCha. I’ll just have one of them. That day Cussly changed his mind about being greedy. He only ate one cupcake. ChuChu had helped Cussly stay out of trouble and ensured all the others got their cupcakes too. Mmm! Yummy! Mmm! Mmm!

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