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The King’s Vases

Cussly’s birthday was coming. He was inviting his friends to his birthday party. ChuChu, ChaCha, please come to my party. Chiku, you must come too. Here are your invitations. Thank you, Cussly! Thank you! Chika was walking towards Cussly. He was carrying a huge cake with him. Chika couldn’t see where he was going. And he accidentally bumped into Cussly. Ow! Look at what you’ve done, Chika. You got cake all over my party invitations. I’m very angry with you. Now I’m not going to invite you to my birthday party. Huh? But it was an accident, Cussly. I really didn’t mean to drop the cake. Hmfff! Cussly, I don’t think you should say things when you’re angry. It can make you lose good friends, you know. Just like the little king did when he got angry because of a broken vase. Huh? The little king? Long, long ago there lived a little king. He had a grand palace. The king liked to collect vases. He had so many of them. He would show them off to his guests. And felt very happy when his guests praised the vases.

Look at my vases! Aren’t they beautiful? Oh Yes! They are very beautiful! They must be very expensive too! All the vases look worthy of a king! Yes! Hee hee hee! The king was very fond of his vases. One day, he asked his butler to take care of them. Butler, you must dust the vases. And you must wash them all. All my vases should be sparkling and clean. Yes, your majesty. The butler took very good care of the vases. He dusted them with a special duster made of silk. The butler also kept a close watch on the vases. And he didn’t even let a mouse or tiny bug go near them. Shoo! Shoo! Go away! Those are the king’s vases! One day, the butler took the vases for a wash. The soap he was using made his hands very slippery. And one of the vases slipped and fell down. Oooops! The butler was very frightened. Oh no! The king will be very angry if he knows I’ve broken his vase. Maybe I should keep quiet and not tell him about it.

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He has so many vases that he won’t even notice one missing. Hmmm! But that isn’t a kind thing to do. I must tell the king the truth. And so the butler told the king about the broken vase. I’m sorry, your majesty. I’ve broken one of your vases. The king grew very angry. You have done something terrible. I will punish you for it. Soldiers! Take the butler away. And keep him locked up in the tower on the hill. Huh? But your majesty! It was an accident. Hmfff! The soldiers started to take the butler away. On the way, the butler met one of his friends. Where are the soldiers taking you, my friend? And why are you looking so sad? Hmfff! The king’s sending me to the tower. He’s going to keep me locked up there. Just because I broke one of his vases. That’s not fair. The butler’s friend decided to save him. He dressed up like a wizard and went to the palace. Welcome to my palace, Mister Wizard! Come, let me show you my vases. Aren’t they beautiful? I can tell that your vases are beautiful, your majesty. I know that they make you happy. But if you want to know the truth about your vases you should dress up like a stranger and meet with the people of your kingdom.

They’ll tell you the truth. Huh? Dress up like a stranger? And ask the people about my vases? Yes, your majesty. And so the king dressed up like a stranger. He went around the kingdom asking people about the vases. Hello! Can you tell me about the king’s vases? I’ve heard they are very beautiful. The king’s vases? I don’t like them at all! They are terrible. They bring bad luck. Huh? Bad luck? Yes! Our friend the king’s butler broke one of the vases. And the king is punishing him for it. Even though it was an accident. Our poor friend will have to stay all alone in the tower. All because of those vases. Huh? Excuse me! Can you tell me about the king’s vases? Oh, those vases. They aren’t very nice. They get everyone into trouble. And they’ve made our king very mean. Huh? Mean? The king’s vases will only spread sadness. Because eventually they will all break. And that will make the king angry, and he will punish anyone responsible. Huh? Yes! And everybody in the kingdom will stop liking the king. And it will be all because of those vases. Uhhh! The little king was very disappointed. He went back to the palace. I learned what everyone thinks about the vases, Mister Wizard. Nobody likes them. And nobody likes me because of them. And so I’m going to break them all.

You don’t have to break your vases, your majesty. You only have to understand that they aren’t as important as people are. And you must learn to forgive and be kind to everyone around you. And not get angry about the little things because they don’t really matter. Hmm! The little king understood what the butler’s friend was trying to say. And he immediately asked the soldiers to bring the butler back to the palace. I’m sorry, butler. I punished you because I was angry. But I’m not angry anymore. I now understand that you were doing your best. And that you were honest too. I don’t care about the vases anymore. I care about you. So please stay here in the palace and be my friend. Hooray! And that’s how the butler’s friend stopped the king from making a huge mistake when he was angry. He also helped the king see that people are far more important than things. Cussly! If we all bump into you and drop something on you, will you get angry and ask us all not to come to your party? Huh? If you do that, you’ll have no one to sing for you when you cut your birthday cake. Hmm! I’m sorry, Chika. I understand that it was an accident. Please forgive me and come to my party. We’ll all have fun together! Of course, Cussly. Hooray! And so Cussly stopped saying things when he was angry. Chika and all of Cussly’s friends went to Cussly’s birthday party. And Cussly had the best birthday ever. Hooray!

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