Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids Part2

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Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids Part2

The Sensory Journey

One day, ChuChu’s teacher Miss Dorothy, came to class with a big box. ChuChu and her friends were very curious to know what was inside. Children, we are going to play a game today. It’s called “The Sensory Journey”. I am going to have you feel some of the different things inside this box. Then you must tell me how they feel. Let’s get started. Miss Dorothy pulled out a teddy bear from the box. ChuChu, why don’t you touch this teddy bear and tell me how it feels. This teddy bear feels soft, Miss Dorothy! It does feel soft, ChuChu. Teddy bears have soft textures. Can you think of anything else that feels soft? Baby blankets are soft! Yes, baby blankets are soft! Miss Dorothy then asked ChaCha to pull something out of the box. It’s a rock, Miss Dorothy. How does the rock feel, ChaCha? It feels hard! The rock does feel hard, Chacha. It’s texture is hard. Can you think of anything else that feels hard? My baseball bat! It feels very hard! Yes, baseball bats do feel hard, Chacha! Miss Dorothy then asked Chika to pull something out of the box. I’ve got a sheet of paper. It feels smooth! Yes, Chika. Paper feels smooth. It’s texture is smooth. Can you think of anything else that feels smooth, Chika? Pebbles and marbles!

They are both very smooth! Miss Dorothy then asked Chiku to pull out something from the box. Look, it’s a twig. And it feels rough! Yes, twigs feel rough, Chiku. It’s texture is rough. Can you think of anything else that feels rough, Chiku? Sandpaper is rough, Miss Dorothy! Sandpaper is certainly rough Chiku! It was Cussly’s turn. He pulled out some bubble wrap. I’ve pulled out some bubble wrap. And it feels very bumpy! It does feel bumpy doesn’t it, Cussly? It’s texture is bumpy. Can you think of anything else that feels bumpy? The sole of my shoe is bumpy! That’s correct! Miss Dorothy then asked ChuChu to pull something out of the box again. Look, I pulled out a ball of cotton. It feels very fluffy! Cotton is fluffy, ChuChu Can you think of something else that’s fluffy? Cotton candy! It’s very fluffy! Chiku came to the box again. She pulled out a banana peel. This banana peel feels slippery. Just like soap does! You are right, Chiku! Both soap and banana peels have slippery textures! Chika came up to play the game again. He pulled out a marshmallow! This marshmallow feels squishy! And so does play dough! That’s right! Marshmallows and play dough both have a squishy texture! There was something left in the box. Cussly pulled it out! It’s sugar! And it feels grainy! Just like sand. That’s right, Cussly. Sand and sugar both have a grainy texture. All the children enjoyed playing the new game. And Miss Dorothy felt happy that they had fun while learning different textures.

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No More Favors

Cussly was always difficult when his mother or his friends would ask him for help. For every little thing Cussly did for someone else, he wanted something in exchange. Cussly dear, can you please help me water the plants? I will, Mom. But only if you promise to give me some cookies. Cussly’s mother was very worried about this bad habit of always asking for the things in exchange for helping out. So one day she asked him to go with her for a stroll. Cussly, I’d like you to come for a walk with me. I will, Mom. But only if you promise to buy me an ice cream later. As they were walking through the park, Cussly’s mother told him how it was not kind to always expect something in return for the things he did for others. It’s not kind to demand things in exchange for helping others, Cussly. It’s greedy, and it’s also very rude. As they walked together, Cussly noticed an apple tree with juicy red apples growing on it. Many children were picking and eating the apples. They were also having fun playing around the tree. Look, Mom! Those children are eating apples and having so much fun. Yes, Cussly And do you see the tree asking them for anything in return? No. As they continued their walk, Cussly saw a puppy. It was smiling and posing while its owner took its picture. Come on, Bruno! Smile and wag your tail so I can get a nice picture. Look, Mom! That puppy did just as he was told. Yes, Cussly.

And the puppy didn’t ask for anything in exchange. He did what he was told simply because he loves his owner and wants to see him happy. As they walked on, they noticed an earthworm on the ground. It was making tiny holes in the dirt. Look at that earthworm, Cussly. It is helping the farmer grow the vegetables we eat. And it isn’t asking the farmer, or us, for anything in exchange. The next morning, Cussly woke up to the sound of the rooster. Good morning, Mom! The rooster woke me up in time to have breakfast with you today! That’s nice, Cussly. And did the rooster ask you for anything in exchange? No. Cussly was starting to understand how even the animals and birds were helpful without asking for anything in exchange. He realized that he needed to stop asking his mother and his friends for things in exchange for the favors he did for them. I’m sorry, Mom. I’ve been rude and greedy. From now on, I won’t ask for anything when I do something for you or my friends. Good boy, Cussly. Cussly kept his promise. And the next time someone asked for his help, he helped out willingly. Cussly, can you please help me carry some books? Yes, ChaCha! I’d love to. But if only… you love me? Yeah! I’d love to.

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