Good Habits Short Bedtime Stories for Kids of 2020

Good Habits Short Bedtime Stories for Kids of 2020

The Magic Box :

ChaCha’s father had a box. It was full of tools. The tools could fix anything. And so ChaCha called it Daddy’s magic box. That’s Daddy’s magic box! One day, Grandpa’s glasses broke. Uh Oh! Don’t worry, Grandpa! Daddy will fix them with his magic box. ChaCha’s father opened his box and pulled out a tool called a ‘screwdriver’. Using it he quickly fixed the glasses. Aah! Hooray for Daddy! Hooray for Daddy’s magic box. A little while later, the kitchen sink started leaking. Oh dear! The sink is leaking and we’re wasting water. Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll call Daddy. He’ll get his magic box. ChaCha’s father opened his box. He took out a tool called a ‘wrench’. And in no time, he fixed the sink leak. Hooray! ChuChu had made a pretty picture And she wanted to hang it on the wall. ChaCha, I want to hang this picture. Daddy will help you, ChuChu, with his magic box. So ChuChu and ChaCha’s father came to help. He brought his box. He picked up a tool called a ‘drill’ And he used it to make a hole in the wall.

He then hammered a nail into the wall. You can now hang your picture, ChuChu! Thank you, Daddy! Hooray for Daddy! I want to be like him! And do things with the magic box. ChaCha felt very proud of his father. He wished he could be like him. And one day, he had the chance to be just like him. ChaCha’s grandmother was sewing Suddenly, she dropped her needle. Oh dear! My needle has fallen down. I can’t spot it anywhere. Don’t worry, Grandma. I’ll help you. ChaCha ran to his father. Daddy, may I borrow your magic box? I want to find Grandma’s needle. Sure, ChaCha. ChaCha opened the box. He pulled out a flashlight and shined it on the floor. And in no time, he spotted the needle. Ah! There it is! ChaCha then pulled out a tool called a ‘magnet’. He used it to pick up the needle. Here is your needle, Grandma. Thank you, ChaCha! I’m very proud of you. You’re just like your Daddy today. ChaCha felt very proud of himself. He finally had the chance to use the magic box. And be just like his father.

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Cussly’s Politeness :

ChuChu and ChaCha were always very polite. They always spoke kindly to the workers in the house. Good morning Good morning kids. But Cussly was always very rude. Hey, you! Get out of my way! You… you’re so stinky. Leave the garden! Now! You! This soup tastes awful. You’re a terrible, terrible cook. Cussly’s mother was very disappointed in him. She wanted him to be polite and kind and respect everyone. So one day, she asked the janitor, the garbage collector, the gardener and the cook not to come to work. Please take a holiday for a few days. Don’t come to work I want Cussly to learn how important and helpful you all are. The next day, Cussly found that the house was very dirty. There’s so much garbage lying around. Where is Stephen? Why hasn’t he picked it up? Cussly, Stephen won’t be coming anymore. You will have to clean the house on your own. This is terrible. All the hard work made Cussly very hungry He sat at the table and asked for lunch. I’m very hungry! Andy! Get me my lunch. I’m sorry, Cussly. But Andy won’t be coming anymore. You’ll have to make your own lunch.

And when Cussly went to throw the garbage out, he found that the garbage can was already completely full. And that it was making everything very stinky. Where is Sandy? Why hasn’t he emptied the garbage can? There’s so much garbage in it. It’s making everything very stinky. Sandy won’t be coming anymore, Cussly. From now on you’ll have to empty the garbage on your own. And so Cussly had to empty the garbage can on his own. This garbage is making me so stinky. Cussly then went to the garden to get some fresh air. But he found that the flowers were drooping and that there were weeds growing all over. What’s happened to the garden? Flowers are drooping. And there are weeds growing everywhere I’m sorry, Cussly. But Julian won’t be coming any more. You’ll have to take the weeds out and water the plants yourself. And so Cussly had to look after the garden on his own. This is so difficult. Where are Stephen, Julian, Sandy and Andy? Why haven’t they come today? When will they be back? Cussly, don’t you remember? You were very rude to them all. They work very hard for us. I don’t think they’ll come back unless you decide to be polite. Cussly’s mother then helped him to see how hard everyone worked. All these people work so hard for us, Cussly. But you’ve never cared about them or had a kind word for them.

I’m sorry. Mom. I now understand how hard they work. I promise I’ll be polite and kind and show them that I care. Please ask them to come back Later that day, Cussly spent his time writing ‘Thank You’ notes. The next morning, Cussly went out with his mother and bought flowers and gifts. When next day  Stephen, Sandy, Andy and Julian came to the house, Cussly Say Hello, Stephen. This is for you. Thank you for keeping my house clean. Thank you, Cussly. This is for you, Julian. I know that you work very hard to make the garden beautiful. Thank you. Sandy, you are very important. Thank you for taking the garbage away. Thank you, Andy, for all the delicious food you make. And I’m sorry that I was rude to you all. It’s okay Cussly. After that day, Cussly always spoke politely and kindly to all of the workers. His manners made everyone happy. Yummy! And Cussly’s mother felt very proud of him. Thank you! Thank you! Goodbye!

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