Moral Story In English – Best Moral Story For Kids

Moral Story In English – Best Moral Story For Kids

Little Forest Rangers

Once there was a beautiful lake in the mountains. It had cool sparkling water. The people who lived in the nearby town enjoyed drinking the water from the lake. They also used it to wash, bathe and cook. Mmm! The water from this lake is delicious. I’m glad we can drink it when we are thirsty. Many people used to come to the lake for picnics Hooray! We are at the lake! It’s so pretty! Let’s open our picnic baskets and eat our snacks. But sadly, many people also threw garbage in the lake. It made the lake very dirty. The garbage filled up the lake and made it smaller. And soon the lake could no longer collect enough rainwater. Oh no! Our beautiful lake is so dirty now. And it’s smaller and is collecting less rainwater too.

We must do something Or we won’t have enough clean water in the summer. And the fish living in the lake will get sick and die. Nicky was a boy who lived near the lake. He was very worried about the lake. And so he called the Little Forest Rangers and asked for their help. Hello? Little Forest Rangers? Can you come to the lake please? The Little Forest Rangers rushed to the lake. Oh no! The lake is very dirty. It’s shrinking too. The people in the town will hardly have any water in the summer if the lake isn’t made bigger. And if we don’t get the garbage out, the dirty water will harm the fish in the lake. What do we now, Little Forest Rangers? How can we save the lake? Don’t worry! We’ll ask the people from the town to help clean the lake and make it bigger.

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And so the Little Forest Rangers asked the people from the town to help. Can you help us clean the lake, Mister? Can you help us dig around the lake and make it bigger? If we work together we will have plenty of clean water in the summer months. But the people in the town were very lazy. No one wanted to help clean the lake or make it bigger. Sorry! I’m busy now. I really don’t have the time. No one wants to save the lake. We can’t clean the lake and make it bigger by ourselves. What do we do now? Don’t worry. I have an idea. And I’m sure it will work. ChuChu went to the town’s mayor. Hi Mister Mayor! Do you have any money to hire people to clean the lake? I’m afraid not, ChuChu. The town council has very little money. We only have a few gold coins and some silver coins left. They were part of a king’s treasure. Can you give me these coins, Mister Mayor? They can help us clean the lake. Sure, ChuChu. Thank you! The Little Forest Rangers put the gold and silver coins in and around the lake.

ChuChu then made up a story. And she told it to Chiku right in front of a lady Chiku, look at this gold coin! I found it in the lake. I think the story I heard about the lake must be true. It said that a king had hidden his treasure chest in the lake many years ago. The treasure chest was full of gold and silver coins just like this one. It said that a king had lost his hidden treasure chest in the lake many years ago. Gold and silver coins? A treasure chest? In the our lake! ChuChu and the Little Forest Rangers then pretended to dig around the lake. And they pretended to find gold and silver coins. Look! I’ve found a gold coin! And I’ve found a silver one! Let’s fish in the lake and look for some more. The lady began to tell everyone in the town what she had heard and seen. There are gold and silver coins in the lake.

A king lost his treasure chest in the lake a long time ago Everyone’s looking for gold and silver coins near the lake now. Then we must all go to the lake too. We must dig all around it for the treasure chest. And we must use our fishing nets to look for gold and silver coins. Many people came rushing to the lake. Let’s look for gold and silver. Let’s look for the treasure chest. Many people started to dig all around the lake. They found some of the silver coins ChuChu and the other Little Forest Rangers had scattered. Look! There’s a silver coin there. Let’s dig deeper. There may be golden ones too. Some other people sailed on the lake in boats.

They used fishing nets, hoping they would find the gold and silver coins in the lake. I’ve found something! Oh, look! It’s a coin made of gold! I’ve found something too! It’s a shoe! As the people dug around the lake, it became much bigger. And while the people were looking for gold and silver coins in the lake, they took out the garbage too and made the lake cleaner. Soon the lake was both big and clean. The lake is much bigger now. And the water is sparking and clean again! Everyone in the town will have plenty of fresh clean water now. And the fish in the lake won’t get sick or die. All thanks to you, Little Forest Rangers. Did anyone find the treasure chest? It must have more gold and silver. The lake itself is a treasure chest! And its clean water is more precious than all the gold and silver in the world. Yes, Yes, that is true. ChuChu and all the Little Forest Rangers were very happy. They gave the gold coins to the people from the town. And they thanked them for their help. You all helped save the lake today. And so these gold coins are for you! Please use it for the welfare of your village Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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