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Short Moral Stories For Kids

The Little Chick :

It was a bright and sunny morning. Baby Taku was playing in the garden. Suddenly, baby Taku’s mother heard him grow very excited. Baby Taku’s mother came to see what had happened. What happened dear? Baby Taku showed his mother a fluffy little chick that had come in to the garden. Oh! There’s a little chick in our garden. It must have wandered away from the farm. I think it’s looking for its mama. Yes, dear. Just like you have me as your mama, this little chick has a mama too. She’s the hen who lays eggs and lives on the farm Yes, yes, dear! We’ll help this chick find its mother. Baby Taku’s mother then put the chick in a basket. Mother and baby Taku then took the chick and went looking for the chick’s mother. As soon as they reached the farm, they saw the chick’s mother. She was a plump brown hen. and she was clucking and asking her friends on the farm if they had seen her chick. That’s the chick’s mother, dear She looks very worried. She must be looking for the chick. Come on! Let’s tell her that the chick is here. Baby Taku and his mother then called out to the hen. Mama hen! Are you looking for your chick? Don’t worry. Your chick is here. The hen was very happy.

She immediately ran towards the chick. Baby Taku and his mother then put the basket down and let the chick out. The little chick and the hen were very happy to see each other and baby Taku was so happy to see them together that he clapped his hands Jumped with joy and laughed happily. Baby Taku then gave his mother a hug and lots and lots of kisses He was happy that his mother had been kind and helped the little chick find its mother. One day, while playing at school ChaCha fell down and hurt himself Because he got hurt, ChaCha had to sit out While his friends played some of his favorite games that made him feel very upset ChaCha still felt sad when it was time to go home and he sat by himself, very quietly. ChuChu, Chika, and Chiku tried to cheer up ChaCha. Why don’t you come play with us ChaCha? We are going to play a new game It won’t be any fun without you ChaCha’s mother encouraged him to go and play with the other children ChaCha, why don’t you join ChuChu, Chika and Chiku? You’ll have fun. And you’ll forget all about what happened today But ChaCha was still upset. No, thank you. I don’t want to play with anyone today Just then the baby woke up, and started crawling all over the house The baby saw ChaCha and noticed that he looked very upset.

The baby took some of his favorite toys and gave them to ChaCha He wanted ChaCha to play with them and feel happy But ChaCha didn’t want the baby’s toys No The baby tried to pull ChaCha so ChaCha would get up and play. But ChaCha refused to get up. No-ooo! The baby then looked at ChaCha very lovingly and smiled The baby’s innocent smile made ChaCha smile too And ChaCha finally stopped being upset and stood up. Baby! You are so sweet! You’ve cheered me up with your love and your smile! I love you! To ChaCha’s great surprise, the baby kissed him Love! ChaCha felt so happy that he laughed Thank you, baby! ChaCha then went to join ChuChu, Chika and Chiku in their games Wait for me everybody! I’m coming to play Hooray! Everyone was happy to see ChaCha smiling again They were so surprised that the baby, who was so little, had managed to cheer ChaCha up with his love Love!

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The Smart Rabbit :

ChuChu and her friends were playing in the house. Baby Taku was playing with them too. Just then Cussly came in. He picked Baby Taku up, set him aside, and sat in his chair. I’m going to sit in your chair, Baby Taku. It’s nice and soft! ChuChu noticed how rude Cussly was being to Baby Taku. Cussly, that wasn’t very nice. You’re being very rude to Baby Taku. Baby Taku is so little. I’m sure he won’t mind. Nooo! Baby Taku might be little, Cussly. But he has feelings just like the rest of us. So you must treat him kindly too. Don’t be like the elephant who didn’t care about the rabbit. Elephant? Rabbits? Huh? Yes, Cussly. I’ll tell you the story and maybe then you will treat the little ones kindly. ChuChu began her story Long, long ago, there lived a colony of rabbits in a forest near a farm.

They spent their days happily plucking and eating carrots. Nom, nom, nom! Mmm! These carrots are so juicy! One day, an elephant came to live in the forest. He didn’t treat the rabbits very kindly. He thought they were too little to worry about, so he walked carelessly through the forest, trampling them beneath his huge feet. One day, the elephant noticed one of the rabbits eating lunch and decided to play a prank on him. I’m going to have some fun with that rabbit. The elephant filled his trunk with water and splashed it all over the rabbit. Owww! Owww! The rabbit grew very angry. He scolded the elephant. Mister Elephant, you better stop treating us rabbits so badly. The elephant laughed at the rabbit. Ha haha! I’m the mightiest animal in the forest. You’re no match for me. You’ll never be as good as me at anything.

I am far better than all of you rabbits. Frustrated with the elephant’s pride and arrogance, the rabbit decided to teach him a lesson. Hmm! I have an idea, Mister Elephant. Let’s meet this evening for a race. If you win, you can treat us rabbits however you like. But if you lose, you have to promise that you’ll treat us with kindness and respect. Alright, rabbit! Let’s race. But let me warn you. I’m going to win. Heeheehee See you later. The rabbit hopped home quickly and called out to his friends. Friends, come quickly. I need your help. We must teach the elephant a lesson. The rabbit shared his plans with the other rabbits. That evening, the rabbit met the elephant as planned. Come on, Mister Elephant! The race will begin when the woodpecker bursts the balloon. One! Two! Three! With a bang, the race between the elephant and the rabbit had begun. The elephant ran very fast and was sure that he’d win the race. The rabbit was so far behind him. Hee hee hee! There’s no way I can lose.

The rabbit is so far behind me. Huh? But to the elephant’s surprise, he suddenly spotted the rabbit just ahead Huh? How could the rabbit have gotten in front of me? He must be really fast. I better run faster! So the elephant ran even faster, but he had only gone a little further, when he noticed the rabbit was in front of him again. Huh? The rabbit is ahead of me again. I better hurry. Or he’ll win the race. The elephant went faster and faster. But again he found the rabbit was ahead of him. Huh? He’s ahead of me! Again! Soon, the elephant spotted the finish line. Even though his legs ached, he ran towards it as fast as he could. Oh no! The rabbit’s ahead of me again. And he’s crossing the finish line. I’ve lost the race. Rabbit, I’ve lost and you have won. I was wrong. You are as good as me. In fact you are better than me. And so I promise I’ll treat you and all the rabbits with kindness and respect. Thank you! Little did he realize that the rabbit had played a trick on him. Just before the race had started, the rabbit had asked his friends who all looked just like him, to hide all throughout the race track and run ahead of the elephant. Hurry, friends! It will be time for the race soon.

Everyone will take a spot along the trail, and when you see the elephant coming, come out and run in front of him. The elephant will think that each of you is me running the race and that I am ahead of him. Okay! From that day on, the elephant treated all of the rabbits with kindness and respect. All thanks to the clever rabbit. Excuse me, excuse me. His trick had taught the elephant a good lesson and made him very humble. Baby Taku is little but he’s smart, Cussly. Just like the rabbit was. You better treat him nicely now. Or he’ll play tricks on you, just like the rabbit did to the elephant. I’m sorry, Baby Taku. I’ll be nice to you from now on. You may be little but you are very important. And so, Cussly learned to treat little ones nicely. For he realized that they are important, even though they are small.

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